Cloud-Based Telephony Systems3

Reasons Why Business Organisations Are Opting For Cloud-Based Telephony Systems

December 20th, 2014

Cloud-Based Telephony Systems3


Companies that are faring well in the competitive diorama are the ones that are tech-savvy.Multiple case studies have revealed how companies that have not kept up to the tech trends,have been quickly left behind. This is true especially in realms of streamlining business communication. Communicating with clients, over traditional phone is a passé and has been taken over by voice mail, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing and other state of the art features. Technology has come a long way and fairly, a big way, offering a number of opportunities for tech-savvy companies who choose to take advantage of it.


Cloud phone service, or VoIP, has taken the business world by storm with a horde of benefits. Apart from the cost-saving features, VoIP facilitates rich media communication through the Internet which enables business executives to send instant messages, make voice or video calls, transfer images, and so on. Unlike the traditional phone systems that assign a phone number with a dedicated line, VoIP offers number mobility, that is, the same phone device can use the same number, virtually everywhere. All it requires is IP connectivity. This is of huge advantage to the business executives who need to travel frequently. VoIP’s number portability system allows the user to use same number and enjoy all the advanced VoIP features without any hassle.


VoIP phones can be integrated or collaborated with other applications such as web browser, e-mail or instant messenger and even social-networking applications. Such easy collaboration and integration offers valuable services to the users which include voice mail delivery via email, click-to-call service on a website, voice call button on an email, presence information (whether the user in a contact list is online or offline) and so on.


VoIP’s user control interface that allows the user to change features/options and services dynamically is another added advantage. All that the user needs to do is log in to the web GUI and change the features as required.


VoIP technology transcends geographical boundaries as its service is not restricted within an area code or country code or any specific location. A person in Brussels can subscribe to a U.S. phone number, and initiate a call to the domestic rates, from Brussels. The cost-effectiveness of VoIP telephony system is thus aptly explained!


Cloud-based telephony systems provide companies of any size a great deal of flexibility. With VoIP, the smartphones and tablets can become mobile workstations, keeping business executives updated with everything related to business operations.


VoIP offers a prolific opportunity to a company to broaden its horizons. The branch offices can always connect with each other as well as headquarters, even if they’re states apart! Furthermore, VoIP liberates a company from long-term subscriptions or maintenance contracts, brings down the costly long-distance charges, which again helps an organization to extend their reach overseas.


Installing an IP telephony system is no rocket-science. Internet connection, and that’s all is required to get started with VoIP. The phone systems are not wrapped in world of wires; rather, it can be integrated with the existing network.


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October 30th, 2014

comtech ip solutionsNortel finalized termination of operations in the year 2009 and Avaya stepped in to purchase its equipment line. Assets from Nortel’s enterprise voice and data business units that were on the verge of bankruptcy were put up for auction. Avaya went for a $900 million USD bid and won the bid in September 2009. By July, Avaya announced about signing of agreements to purchase the enterprise solutions business for $275 million USD, as a measure to strengthen its foothold in the global business communications vertical.


To support its goal of penetrating the competitive market, Avaya bought equipment supporting data switching and unified communications. These purchases gave Avaya a lead in the market share over market giants including Siemens and Cisco.

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Refurbished business telephone systems are considered as a viable option for businesses who want to save on cost. Well, is it? Undeniably, used telephone systems involve certain kind of risk, pertaining to wear and tear, availability of technical support and warranty issues. There’s a lot to mull over before we can conclude whether refurbished phone system is worth it.Let us take a look at some of the things that should be considered before buying a refurbished business telephone system.
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Telephone is one invention that opened a wide world of communication. From the business perspective, telephone systems have become the most potential and effective tool for communication. Telephony systems have evolved in tandem with the gradual technological advancements. With the buildup from KSU (Key System Unit) and KSU-Less systems to PBX telephone systems and finally VoIP systems, business communication has ameliorated enterprises in streamlining their operational activities. The small and mid-sized business houses started deriving benefits from the additional medium of communication that connected them totheir clients and branch offices. In this post, we will discuss about PBX telephone system that has been supporting business communication since some fifty years.


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Business telephony systems are an integral part of small businesses and large enterprises alike. Not only as an essential communication tool, the right kind of business telephony system can influence business operations while curtailing overall cost.Often than not, small scale business organizations or the start-ups are not prepared to invest in a brand new business telephony system, as the cost of the modern business phones is usually high. One way in which these small businesses can cut down on the cost is by purchasing a refurbished business telephone system. With refurbished business phones, businesses can not only upgrade their communications network but can save a lot of money. As a matter of fact, the decision of buying a refurbished phone can turn out to be a wise choice, provided it is adeptly researched and bought from a reliable store.

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August 19th, 2014

We can still step into many business premises and find landline PBX phone systems hanging in, but this doesn’t quite justify the effect of evolution that has embraced business communication methods in the recent past. Undeniably, VoIP, especially, the cloud-hosted VoIP systems have set up a unique standard. Although the start-up businesses initially used to manage the trade with mobile phones with a handful number of employees, they were quick to realize their choice in business telephony systems was inadequate. Not being able to bear the steep price of the high-end business telephony systems, some settled with refurbished IP telephones, have bidding farewell to the age-old telephone entourage.

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August 13th, 2014

As technology continues evolving at a prolific pace, telecommunication industry is benefiting from more sophisticated and readily accessible equipment. Businesses have become keen in opting for more flexible telecommunications plans. This has resulted in emergence of newer business telephone systems than ever before.

On the other hand, there are businesses that tend to sort out their core needs before making a large investment, or start-ups, that probably have not got enough funds to invest on their existing infrastructure. In such crunch footing, purchasing a refurbished business phone system is the messiah!

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