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The Plantronics Headsets are a family of Headsets considered the finest and most reliable of Telephone Headsets manufactured today.  The Plantronics Headset that Comtechphones stocks will be completely compatible with the Avaya, Nortel, Lucent and Toshiba phones.  Use of a Headset allows for more freedom of motion and greater productivity.  Let Comtech help you select the best Plantronics Headsets for your company.  We will suggest the most cost effective Headset for your company, whether it be a Wired Plantronics Headset or a Wireless Plantronics Headset.  Let Comtech be your Plantronics Headset head-quarters.

New Products For May - Headsets

MX500i 3-in-1 VoIP Headset

MX500i 3-in-1 VoIP Headset, 72517-01, o...

M214C Headset for Cordless Phones

M214C Headset for Cordless Phones, 6905...

M210C Headset for Cordless Phones

M210C Headset for Cordless Phones, 6905...

M175C Headset for Cordless Phones

M175C Headset for Cordless Phones, 4563...

Savi W430-M

The Savi 430 is the first portable PC-b...

Savi W440-M Convertible (Microsoft)

Savi W440-M Convertible (Microsoft) (83...

Savi W440 Convertible (Standard)

Savi W440 Convertible (Standard) (83359...

CS510 Wireless Headset without Lifter

Plantronics legendary CS family is sett...