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Phones is your Wholesale Distributor of Business Phones & Telephone Systems

When you need Toshiba Phones, Nortel Phones, Avaya Phones or Norstar Phones, since 1983 COMTECH has been the vendor of choice. We are a wholesale distributor of brand new and refurbished Business Phones and Phone Systems. Comtech has a very large inventory of Toshiba phones, Nortel phones and Avaya Phones and Systems in stock for immediate delivery. Comtech provides reliable and dependable phone repair services at very competitive pricing. We specialize in Toshiba phones, Nortel phones, Norstar phones and Avaya phones.

New Products For April - Phones

Toshiba IP 5131-SDL

The Toshiba IP 5131-SDL is a Large Disp...

Toshiba IP 5132-SD

The Toshiba IP 5132-SD is a 20-button I...

Toshiba DKT 2010-S

The Toshiba DKT 2010-S phone is a ten b...

Toshiba DKT 2020-S

The Toshiba DKT 2020-S phone is a twent...

Toshiba DADM 2020

The Toshiba DADM2020 adds an additional...

Toshiba DDSS 2060

The Toshiba DDSS206 is a 60 button add-...

Toshiba DKT 3010-S

The Toshiba DKT3010-S Phone is a 10 but...

Toshiba DKT 3010-SD

Comtech is the leading online choice to...