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Avaya Partner phones, Nortel phones, Toshiba phones & Plantronics Headsets – Comtech

Comtech offers Avaya Partner phone systems, Nortel phone systems, Toshiba phone systems, Plantronics Headsets and Aleen Voicemail for companies, government agencies, educational institutions and businesses seeking additional equipment for their phone systems or for first time purchase. Comtech offers an extensive line of new business phone systems and refurbished phone systems for all business communication needs. Comtech buys and sells most major top brand phone systems and accessories.

If you are looking for a new Polycom Conference Phone for the conference room or additional Toshiba or Avaya phones for a new hire or business expansion, Comtech can supply you with all of the phone equipment you need, both brand new and refurbished. All of our refurbished phones go through an extensive re-manufacturing process that brings the refurbished phone equipment back to like new condition. Most equipment is in stock and orders are usually shipped the same day. Great prices, service, and the best business phones the first time are the staple of Comtech for over 25 years.

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Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems support VOIP, Digital and Analog Phones. These systems include 1. Nortel...

[ Avaya Partner ACS | Nortel BCM | Norstar Systems | BCM450 | more info ]


Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Plantronics Wireless Headsets offer the best wireless headsets available.

[ Plantronics Headsets | Plantronics CS70N | Plantronics CS361N | more info ]


Avaya IP Phones

Avaya IP Phones are supported on the Avaya IP Office Platform. is your one stop...

[ Avaya Equipment | Avaya IP Phones | Avaya 1608 IP | Avaya 1616 IP | more info ]


Norstar M-Series & T-Series Phones

Norstar Phones are compatible with both the Nortel Norstar System and the Nortel BCM System.

[ Norstar T7208 | Norstar T7316E Phone | Norstar M7310 Phone | Norstar M7208 | more info ]


Nortel Digital Phones

Nortel Digital Phones include the M3904 and the M3903 Phones. They are compatible with Meridian and...

[ Nortel Meridian | Nortel M3904 | Nortel M3905 | Nortel M3902 | Nortel M3901 | more info ]


Toshiba DP Family of Phones

Toshiba digital phones give you plenty of options and features.

[ Toshiba Phone System | Toshiba DP Series | Toshiba DP 5022-SD | Toshiba DP 5032-SD | Toshiba DP 5130-FSDL | more info ]


Conference Phones

Comtech carries the best conference phones made by Polycom

[ Conference Phones | Polycom SoundStation | Wireless Conference | more info ]


Toshiba DKT Phones

Toshiba DKT Phones work on all Toshiba Strata Systems.

[ Toshiba DKT Phones | Toshiba DKT 2010-SD | Toshiba DKT 3020-SD | Toshiba DKT 3220-SD | more info ]


VOIP Phones

Voice over IP Phones for Toshiba and Nortel Networks.

[ Toshiba IP Phones | Nortel IP Phones | Nortel IP 1230 Phone | Toshiba IP 5131-SDL | more info ]


Avaya Partner Phones

The Avaya Partner Phones work on all Avaya Partner and Avaya ACS Systems.

[ Avaya Partner Phones | Avaya Partner 18D | Avaya MLS 12D | Avaya Partner 6D | more info ]


Voicemail Systems

Voicemail Systems by Avaya, Nortel, Toshiba and Aleen ITS.

[ Voicemail | Callpilot 100 | Toshiba LVMU1A-4 | Aleen VME 4000 | ACS Large Voicemail | more info ]


Cisco Phones

Comtech sells a variety of New Cisco Phones

[ Cisco 7941G | Cisco 7945G | Cisco 7965G | A10 Direct... | more info ]



New Products For May

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Norstar 824 Phone System

The Norstar 824 System is a modular sys...

Norstar Copper Trunk Module

The Norstar trunk module can add upto 1...

Norstar Copper Station Module

The Norstar Station module adds 16 digi...

Norstar 6 Port Expansion Card

The Norstar Meridian 6 port copper expa...

Norstar 2 Port Expansion Card

The Norstar Meridian 2 port copper expa...

Norstar 616 DS with DR5 Software

The Norstar 616 KSU system supports 6 L...

Plantronics Audio 995 Digital Wireless Stereo Headset

Plantronics Audio 995 Digital Wireless ...